October 15, 2018


I have started enjoying my Inktober2018 practice, this time I have planned a story based on the given themes. Really cheering. The character name is KANU. He is in a quest to discover the most precious jem that can bring back his dead mother. The stone can do only once.


  1. That's really awesome and highly inspiring. Mehedi Bhai, this year I have been trying hard to draw over the October, whatever the subject is. If I am successful I will be opting for something specific from next year.

  2. Whatever you have been planning just start doing it, and FINISH it. Do not wait for the BEST shot. it never comes.


বিদায় ব্লগস্পট

গুণে গুণে ১২ বছর এখানে কাটালাম, এবং হঠাৎ সেদিন হঠাৎ আবিষ্কার কুরলাম আমি ছাড়া আর কেউই নেই আশেপাশে। খোঁজ নিয়ে দেখতে পাচ্ছি এখন আর্টিস্টরা সবাই...