March 16, 2016

A short presentation done for AIUB

We can name three basic shapes, Square, Circle and Triangle 

Which are actually 2D as having only two directions/ dimensions. We need to add an extra dimension- that is Z axis, or Height. which makes a square to become a Cube, a triangle to be a pyramid, a circle to a spheric. 

We easily can draw the extra Z axis or height by adding an extra line from intersecting height and width defining line but to make a spheric from a circle is a little bit tricky.

We have two techniques to do that. 1. By adding reference mesh lines on it or-

2. Adding light and shade parameter.

Which works for cube and triangles as well. In fact on cube or on a triangular 3D form it works perfectly by defining distinct PLANES. But on spheric, there are numbers of planes blending into each other and creating a wide range of smooth blend of values. This is difficult to draw, and the bad news it, we will need it most in painting organic creatures like human or animal or anything that has smooth surface. So better to understand how light works on it, at least the basics.

Most of you already know this piece, a well defined shadow layers, light is hitting on a tiny plane on the ball which reflects the light directly to our w=eyes is creating the direct or specular light spot. Actually the most bright dot on a round shadowed surface. then comes the mid tone area where light blended to shade into a 50:50 ratio (I mean, almost. You can find a fine gradation in reality.) And finally the magic part- the reflected light which is actually bouncing back from floor and hence created an ambient shadow area, this also makes the adjacent shadow area looks most dark. This way we can define how round a spheric is in a three dimensional space.

Now into the business. We hardly need to draw stiff cubes and pyramids, rather we need to draw more organic 'live' forms. This could be done easily by adding some extra curvature on the former pure forms, see the last three meshed forms. still those are cubes spehric-ish and pyramidical. but no doubt they are more live forms.

But whatever the curvature is we have to keep in mind that they also will need defined planes for light and shade phase.

And now entering to the masterclass :) complex form- which is actually adding more than one different pure forms together.

We still need one attribute to make a form looked 3D. the scale-proportion thing. By scale we mean human scale. This is not directly connected with the 3D gramme but while placing a known sized body of a human near any 3D form, it will definitely give the feel how big or small the object is.

Now practice, just try to make a charter using the basic 3D forms and try to give it LIFE.


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